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Pinehurst Surgical will experience a two hour delay on Thursday, 01/30/2014 due to icy conditions.  The clinic will open at 10AM.

Can a bladder actually burst?

Only under special circumstances such as someone who has had major surgery, cancer, or radiation to the bladder, or whose bladder has been removed and a new bladder has been made out of intestine. Scott Eggener, a urologist at the University of Chicago.  Usually there is little risk to holding one’s urine; people will typically… read more

Urinary-Tract Infections

Urinary-tract infections (UTI’s) are the most common of all bacterial infections in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are a major cause of ER visits, and the fourth most common diagnosis among women 65 and older. The condition is rare among young men but it does occur, especially… read more

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