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Patient Testimonials

I am 64 years old, and for years, I have experienced increasing difficulty understanding speech when there was background noise. For years, I would compensate by focusing harder on trying to understand what was being said when in groups and by watching movies on a DVD player so I could back up the movie to re-hear dialogue that I had not understood. About a year ago, my hearing loss had progressed to the point where these coping techniques were no longer effective. In groups settings, I was reduced to smiling and nodding my head while following little of the conversation… and tired from the effort to understand. In restaurants, my wife did the ordering because I often could not understand what the waitress was asking. Movies were taking about double the time to watch on DVD because I was having to re-listen to most of the dialogue. Time to admit that my wife was right in that I needed hearing aids.

The folks at Pinehurst Surgical Audiology have been great to work with. Leslie Whitlock, AuD. evaluated my hearing loss and explained the range of results I could expect from hearing aids. She used demonstration devices to let me experience what hearing aids would sound like and explained the process of getting used to the new sounds. Most importantly, she took the time to understand my lifestyle and what I needed hearing aids to do to fit my lifestyle and needs. She then provided me with a range of technical solutions at various price points and discussed the trade-offs and potential benefits for me to consider. There was never any pressure to purchase hearing aids or to sell me more expensive ones than I needed. Once I purchased hearing aids, Leslie followed up with me to ensure I was adjusting to them and to fine-tune the features and amplification profiles to exactly match my needs.

In the year that I have been wearing hearing aids, they have definitely improved my quality of life. I no longer avoid group situations or noisy environments such as restaurants. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music… I didn’t realize how much I had been missing in dialogue and music. The particular hearing aids Leslie helped me select and the way she set them up match my lifestyle and hearing needs very well. If I had known how much I had been missing and how well modern hearing aids work, I would have gotten them much sooner.

Pinehurst Surgical Audiology and Leslie Whitlock provided great, friendly service. I have been very pleased and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.

Thank you! – Rick L. Foster

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