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Skin and Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

Considering a mastectomy?

If you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and may need a mastectomy, it’s important to explore all options. For eligible patients, we now perform skin and nipple sparing mastectomy.

In a traditional mastectomy, the nipple and the areola are removed, along with some of the surrounding skin. During a nipple sparing mastectomy, the incision is most commonly made around the areola or along the crease under the breast. The breast tissue is removed through the small opening that’s created, while the skin, including the nipple and areola, is preserved. The tissue that remains provides the best natural shape for an implant.

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During a nipple sparing mastectomy:
• The skin, including the nipple and areola, is preserved
• The incision is made around the areola or along the crease under the breast
• The breast tissue is removed through the small opening that is created
• The remaining tissue provides the best shape for an implant

What to expect post-surgery:
• You’ll return home from the hospital in 1 to 3 days
• At-home care instructions may include arm exercises, bandage and drain care
• Talk to your surgeon about when you can return to your normal routine
*May vary depending on your surgeon’s discretion

Who is eligible?   
Below are common reasons why you may not be eligible for a tissue-preserving technique

• If the tumor diameter is too large or larger than a comparative amount of surrounding breast tissue
• If the geometry of your breasts is not considered favorable for tissue-preserving techniques
• If there’s any question that the tumor cells are close to the skin
• If you’ve previously undergone breast radiation
• If you regularly smoke cigarettes

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