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Signs & Symptoms

Spine Problems

If you are suffering from neck or low back pain, numbness, tingling or pain in your arms or legs you may have a problem originating from your spine.

Spinal stenosis or narrowing of your spinal canal often produces symptoms of back and leg pain with walking a short distance or standing for a short period of time.  With rest, this pain quickly resolves.  Patients often prefer to lean on a shopping cart when going to the store which opens the spinal canal and helps reduce the pain.

Disc herniations are usually of sudden onset and often cause one-sided arm or leg electric shock-like pain and can include numbness, tingling or even weakness in the same distribution.

Arthritis of the neck and back may cause localized pain, stiffness in the mornings, increased pain with weather changes and pain with standing for a short period of time.  These symptoms increase gradually over time and eventually will cause pain throughout the day.

Our approach:

  1. Physical therapy will increase your ability to function and stay involved in the activities you enjoy.
  2. Diagnostic imaging, along with your symptoms, aids in determining the cause of your pain.
  3. Interventional spine procedures utilize steroid medications to reduce inflammation and improve your symptoms. This will allow you to better participate in physical therapy.
  4. Surgical intervention may be necessary to correct structural problems.

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